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    Virtual Tour: Paicines Ranch vineyard: grazing sheep throughout the year

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    Thinking beyond silver bullet technologies for weed management in California vineyards

    • Meet Dr. Anil Shrestha

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Dr. Liz Carlisle

Liz Carlisle is an Assistant Professor in the Environmental Studies Program at UC Santa Barbara, where she teaches courses on food and farming. Born and raised in Montana, she got hooked on sustainable agriculture while working as an aide to organic farmer and U.S. Senator Jon Tester, which led to a decade of research and writing collaborations with agroecological farmers in her home state. She is the author of Lentil Underground and co-author, with Bob Quinn, of Grain by Grain, and she has written both popular and academic articles about food and farm policy, incentivizing soil health practices, and supporting new entry farmers. She holds a Ph.D. in Geography, from UC Berkeley, and a B.A. in Folklore and Mythology, from Harvard University. Prior to her career as a writer and academic, she spent several years touring rural America as a country singer.

Dr. Anil Shrestha

Chair, Department of Viticulture & Enology. California State University, Fresno