FAQs for Registered Students

  • I've registered and paid, but I don't see any courses.

    Before October 18, you will only see the Welcome Course.

    All of the Expo courses will be visible on October 18 when the event goes live.

  • Forgot password?

    - Go to the login page at https://vineyardteam.thinkific.com/users/sign_in
    - Click “Forgot Password?”
    - Follow the prompts
    - Login and enjoy your courses!

  • It's time. How do I watch my courses?

    - Courses will be visible and accessible October 18 - November 30.
    - Login at https://vineyardteam.thinkific.com/users/sign_in
    You can also look for your email with the subject line “You are now enrolled in the 2020 Sustainable Ag Expo!”
          - Desktop: Please use Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge. Note: this site does not support Internet Explorer.
          - Mobile: Please use iOS Safari 11 and up, Chrome, or Samsung.
    - Click “Sign In”
    - View all the Courses on “My Dashboard”

    You have access to the courses between October 18 -November 30.

  • I can’t hear the video.

    Depending on the computer settings, the video might not automatically have sound. Hover over the bottom right corner of the video and click the volume/mute icon to allow sound.

  • I lost my place in the video.

    Users can pause and play videos within a lesson. But in order to not lose your place in the video, do not switch between lessons or courses. If you do that, when you return to the original lesson, the video will start from the beginning.

  • I can’t forward or rewind the videos.

    Remember, due to continuing education requirements, users can not forward or rewind within a video. Student tip: take a screenshot of a slide to capture important info. PDF presentations are available for most of the presenters.

  • How do I earn DPR/CCA Continuing Education? Hours?

    To receive DPR/CCA credit you must:

    - Include your license number(s) in your profile
          - Login at https://vineyardteam.thinkific.com/users/sign_in
          - Click your name (upper right)
          - Click "My Account"
          - Fill in your PA, PCA, QAL, and CCA license number as needed
          - Click "Save Changes"

    - Watch and COMPLETE courses labeled DPR and/or CCA. You can see your progress in courses in your Student Dashboard.
    - Pass the course quiz with at least a 70%.
    - You will receive a certificate of completion directly after the individual course quiz. Each course has an individual certificate. You can see all certificates in your account.
    - Vineyard Team staff will conduct an audit of students and course completion when the event concludes (December 1).
    - Once verified, staff will submit the rosters to the appropriate organizations.
    - It is the responsibility of the student to maintain their own records of continuing education.

    You have access to the courses between October 18 - November 30.

  • Can I get partial DPR credit?

    Courses are bundled according to topic and provide 0.5 - 3.0 CE hours. Partial credit for these bundles is not permitted.

  • Need more help?

    Email us at danielle@vineyardteam.org -- we're happy to help!

General FAQs

  • Do I need a new login for Thinkific?

    You will need to create an account with the Thinkific platform, which will be new for many of you. Your current Vineyard Team login information will not work with Thinkific.

  • How do I get credit for Continuing Education?

    Courses with DPR and/or CCA credits are identified in their title. Upon completion of the approved course (including passing the quiz with 70), you will be shown a certificate of completion. Certificates are also available in your student dashboard.

    Staff will submit documentation to licensing agencies by December 7.

    You MUST provide your licensing information in your student profile to be included in rosters submitted to agencies.

    It is your responsibility to maintain course completion verification. Because of the restrictions for online programming, partial credits are not allowed.

  • Can I register for some of the courses, but not the entire Sustainable Ag Expo?

    We do not sell registration to individual courses; however registration for the event grants access from October 18 - November 30 to give you flexibility and time to attend all sessions of interest.

  • How do I access my course?

    Once you have registered and paid for the course, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the course.

    If you did not receive an email, please check that it is not in your Junk folder.

    You can also access it by signing into your Thinkific.com account and clicking "Dashboard".

  • Can I get a refund if I am unable to attend?

    We do not offer refunds; however, you can transfer your registration to a colleague. Contact danielle@vineyardteam.org.

  • Do I have to login in at a certain time to access the courses?

    The courses are designed for attendees to watch at their own pace, with the exception of some Live Sessions. Live Sessions will also be available online after the session.

    Course materials are self-directed, meaning you work through the materials at your own pace at a time that is convenient for you. You have access to the courses between October 18 - November 30

  • What are the system requirements for this course?

    DESKTOP: please use Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge.

    MOBILE: please use iOS Safari 11 and up, Chrome, or Samsung. Note: this site does not support Internet Explorer.

  • How do I reset my password?

    If you forget your password, you can reset it by Selecting "Forgot Password" on the Vineyard Team Thinkific sign in page at https://vineyardteam.thinkific.com/users/sign_in.

    If you are already signed in and want to change your password, click on your name and select "My Account" and then select "Password".